Women’s Circles on Fridays in March

When women gather, healing happens.

In March, I’m hosting a women’s circle every Friday.

Share from your heart in a sacred circle of sisters, mothers, daughters, and babies before breathing together with intention. All ages and stages of womanhood welcome.

What the experience is like:

  • Gather, enjoy tea.
  • Circle introductions
  • Sharing on a topic
  • Conscious breathing
  • Intentional closure
  • Go back out into the world with extra inspiration.

By donation.

If money is an issue, feel free to bring any the following:

  • flowers
  • candles
  • matches
  • crystals
  • house plants
  • tea
  • chocolate
  • essential oils
  • nuts & fruit to share

What women have said about circles…

“The women’s circle is a beautiful thing. It’s a safe space where we can all share the good and the scary without judgement. We laugh, we cry, we feel empowered and supported by these strong souls, and ready to take on anything.” – Ginger P.

“What a beautiful reminder that we’re not in it alone. A guaranteed highlight to any week.” – Tonya G.

“The women’s circle was full of warmth, acceptance and kindness. It was a calm place to let down my guard and connect with others.” – Kalani K.

What women have said about Gigi…

“Brigitte is a powerful and necessary voice of inclusion, positivity and love in today’s world. She evenly holds space for all points of view and with her quiet strength, she propels the yoga world forward.” – Jocelyn S.

“Gigi’s classes are very soulful and caring. She really invests her heart into her teaching and as a student you feel that. I always walk away from her classes feeling more in touch and accepting of myself.” – Angela R.

Gigi Yogini Studio
12115 W. Ohio Ave.

West Los Angeles 90025