Why I’m Winning

Hell yeah, I’m winning.

Of course, real life is more challenging than my social media persona might revel. Yet in the grand scheme of things, I’m definitely winning.

So when Gwen Dittmar asked if she could feature me for her Wednesday Winning blog, I said: Absolutely.

I talked about how the main inspiration for my business is to live a good life filled with purpose. I have always been inspired to fulfill my dharma and continue to seek self-actualization. Plus how as a business woman and mom, I find myself making less commitments. This helps me find balance and be more present with work (when I’m at work) and family (when I’m with family).

I also get real about the daily sadness I feel for the world. It’s a practice to balance the sadness with the beauty and the purpose. If I can learn how to do that with grace and ease, I’m definitely winning!

Thanks, Gwen!

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