How to Turn a Hard Week Around

It was just a week ago that we heard the tragic news about the death of Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter, Gigi, and 7 other individuals. I know we might be done with this topic but I will say this…

Becoming a Mother has multiplied my sensitivity and empathy by a million. 

In my first year postpartum, I cried EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Seriously, it might have been a song, or a commercial, a sweet moment, or just sheer exhaustion, and I would start to sob. All of a sudden, I just FELT everything to the maximum (both the good and the bad).

Nowadays, I don’t get as emotional, but this week, I’ve actually cried SO hard about this tragedy because of the pain I know the families must be feeling.

I can’t help but think of Vanessa Bryant who not only lost her husband, but also her daughter, and I get sick to my stomach (or I start bawling).

I also think about 16 year old Alexis Altobelli who lost her Mother, Father and Sister in the helicopter crash. Ugh. Isn’t it heartbreaking!? It really messes me up.

Of course, I know, terrible tragedies are happening around the world at all times, but this one is in our face and it permeates our city. I honestly keep deleting social media apps from my phone because I keep falling down the rabbit hole of this heartbreaking news.

Although the sad truth is unavoidable.

Even driving around Los Angeles, I see buses, buildings, banners, etc. reminding us of this horrible loss. There’s no escaping the pain. It must be acknowledged and it must be felt (see how I took care of myself last week below).

REMINDER: You do not have to suffer alone. I’m here for you if you want to connect or talk.

It’s true, life is beautiful but brutal.

And if there’s anything that I’m taking away from this heartbreaking reality of death, it’s the preciousness of life. Death is a harsh reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us. So I’m gonna love more, practice more kindness, be more patient, and give thanks for all of it.

I do not want to take anyone, or anything, for granted.

How I turned a hard week around:

• Talked to lots of friends

• Turned off my phone

• Spent time in Mother Nature

• Served my community

• Shared quality time with family

• Tried something new

• Wrote about my feelings

• Allowed myself to be emotional

• Got creative with my kids

• Listened to great music

• Surrendered

• Sweat