Embracing Technology – Using Facebook Live for Yoga

I’m excited to announce that we’re offering more of our classes online at Facebook Live. The studio space is limited, so while we can have 12 people in the space, we can reach unlimited people by streaming online.

The two classes and teachers I’m starting with include Sara at 5pm on Mondays and Mary at 12noon on Wednesdays.

Soon we will be offering even more. We just need to start somewhere.

See you soon!

How Yoga Shaped My Body Image

Everyone has a body image. It’s the ever-evolving perception of your physical appearance.

Whether you’re a man, woman, thin or thick, young or old, we all have a perception of what we look like based on our own self-observation or the input from our friends, family or media.

Regardless of who you are or where you come from, we all create a story about how we think we look based on our height, shape and weight as well as skin tone, body hair, gender identification and age. Body image is not just how you perceive your body but also how you feel about yourself and your body. Positive or negative.

As a yoga teacher, I’m always saddened by the amount of people who automatically think that yoga isn’t for them because they don’t fit the mold of what a yogi looks like. A lot of men tell me they are not flexible enough. Many women have said they’re not thin enough.

But the truth is, yoga is for everybody and every body.

Unfortunately, modern media has been showing a very narrow (and superficial) portion of the yoga culture. As a result, it’s perpetuating people’s negative body images and making yoga seem intimidating and unavailable. However, yoga can benefit individuals of all different ages, shapes, sizes and abilities because yoga is not just a physical practice.

When people have a negative body image, they don’t perceive themselves as they really are. They feel unattractive, self-conscious, anxious and/or ashamed about how they look. Many times, people with negative body image have low self-esteem and can feel uncomfortable in their skin.

There are many reasons why I think yoga can help improve someone’s body image. When we take time to be with ourselves and breathe, we start to appreciate the skin that we’re in. A commitment to the physical practice of yoga can also help you build strength, confidence and courage which helps you feel better about your body. Committing to the meditation practice can help us quiet the negative patterns of the mind and allows for more mental clarity and non-attachment.

Gigi Yogini Body Love

My Personal Body Positive Journey

At first when I started yoga, I didn’t realize that I had a negative body image. But when I went to class, I was nervous and often hid in the back corner of the studio. I perceived myself as the “biggest” girl in the room and occasionally refused to try certain poses that I expected would be impossible (for me) because of my body.However, every time I left a yoga class, I felt amazing. Not only did my practice help ease my anxiety but I started to  see that my commitment was yielding results. Not only was I able to explore more challenging poses but my body started getting stronger and I felt more confident every day.

I felt so transformed by this practice that I wanted to share it with others. However, when I was considering yoga teacher training, someone told me that I didn’t look like a yoga teacher and suggested that I lose weight before pursuing it as a career.Although my body image had been improving, this comment hit me where I was already insecure. I thought to myself: Maybe it’s true. I’ll never succeed in this industry as a woman with curves.

It took me 5 years to face my fear and follow my heart to take my first teacher training. I eventually learned that my unique perspective was an asset, not an obstacle. My courage allowed me to move past my insecurities and helped me access the incredible benefits of deepening my yoga practice. Now, I am committed to making yoga feel welcoming and accessible to people of all types.

To join a Body Positive yoga class, visit my events page by clicking here.

Yoga for Every Body – Building Confidence On and Off the Mat

I’m thrilled to announce that after years in the making, I’m hosting the first ever Yoga for Every Body workshop at YogaWorks on October 22nd. This will be the first of a series of monthly workshops and I couldn’t be more excited.

In this 3 hour workshop, we’ll enjoy discussion, modified yoga practice, breath work, relaxation, and a photo shoot.

What included:

  • Body Image discussion and debunking media’s definition of the “Yoga Body”
  • Exploration of props, including blankets, blocks, straps, and more
  • Practice simple breathwork, relaxing movement, and mindfulness
  • An optional photoshoot to participate in a Body Positive social media challenge

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Better understanding of how you can make yoga work best for you
  • Community of Body Positive tribe members living in the LA area
  • Collection of photos of you practicing your favorite yoga postures
  • Deeper sense of mind-body relaxation and restoration


My Last Public Classes (for the time being)

There comes a time when we need to let go. Whether we’re letting go of a job, a relationship, or an old pair of jeans, there is a feeling that just can’t be denied.

Tomorrow I’m teaching my last 6am class at YogaWorks Brentwood and 6pm class at YogaWorks Westwood (until after my babies arrive) and it feels SO right. Originally, I thought that I’d want to keep teaching longer, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to let go with love.

Teaching is becoming a more challenging as these beautiful babies continue to grow inside of me. So I’m excited be taking some much needed time off in order to prepare for these bundles of joy.

Updated Class Schedule

I’m excited to announce my new teaching schedule starting May 26th:

6am Tuesday / Thursday @ the NEW! YogaWorks Brentwood (West of the 405 fwy)

6pm Tuesday / Thursday @ YogaWorks Westwood (East of the 405 fwy)

10am Saturday / Sunday @ The Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica (FREE!)

All classes are Level 1/2 Flow with options for variations and modifications.