#iamaffirmative Instagram Challenge

Let’s start December with some positivity. Every day, for 10 days, I challenge you to share a positive affirmation using the hashtag #iamaffirmative. Be sure to mention all the hosts so we see you participating! At the end, my co-hosts and I will send gifts to our participants. Join us!

12/1 – I am grateful.
12/2 – I am enough.
12/3 – I am awesome.
12/4 – I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am love.
12/5 – I am free.
12/6 – I breathe in love.
12/7 – I am strong.
12/8 – I radiate love.
12/9 – I am unique. I am beautiful.
12/10 – I am authentic.

For your chance to win 1 of the 10 prizes, post or repost a photo, share the affirmation of the day, and be sure to use the hashtag #iamaffirmative. Remember to follow and mention the hosts @affirmats, @gigiyogini, @scripttheory, @sequellife_bp, @fitfitactive


I am confident.

Granted, I am not always confident every moment of every day, but I generally feel better in the moments when I am confident. So I choose to affirm it –

I am confident.

And that’s the power of affirmations, right?

We practice positive speaking to help rewire our minds toward positive thinking.


Because the mind is a dangerous place and we are constantly bombarded by external forces that want us to believe there’s something wrong with us. Heck, the entire advertising industry is built on making us believe that we have problems only they can fix.

But sometimes changing the way we speak and think can help fix our perceived problems – without the long list of nasty side effects.

That’s not saying that posting one instagram photo with the caption: I AM CONFIDENT  will suddenly take away any and all insecurity. However, that affirmative social media post might give you a much needed confidence boost.

Your public affirmation might help you stand a little taller or speak a little louder. Getting a little burst of energy from an sharing an affirmation on instagram might make you want to try saying it again before your first day of school. Or before a job interview. Or when you look in the mirror.

It’s not to say that your problems will disappear immediately. But with practice, you might find permanent improvement.

So join the fun. We’re on day 13 of 21. #IAmAffirmative