Studio Wish List

At my studio, a few of my events are by donation. FYI friends…

*BY DONATION* does not mean free.

In the spirit of abundance, the suggested donation is $20 but other donations are also welcome. Some people give more (I’ve found $100 bills in my donation box), some people give less (I also find wads of $1 bills). Some people bring food to the circle (fruits, veggies, nuts, chocolate, etc). Other bring gifts for the space (see suggestions below).

I have loved receiving the variety of beautiful gifts and because people have things I no longer need in their lives, and I have a lot of space to fill, I have created a wish list. Cash is not the only form of payment I am willing to receive. I’m happy to receive other valuable goods. And by *VALUABLE* I mean things that can improve the experience of the circle or the space.

This wish list includes but is not limited to:

– fruit, nuts, chocolate, energy bars
– hanging plants / ivy
– succulents / cactus
– candles & nagchampa incense
– beautiful pillows
– clean baby toys, clothes, books
– musical instruments
– crystals, stones, feathers
– wood carvings, mirrors
– fabrics, tribal rugs
– wooden bowls, straw baskets
– mugs, glasses, dishes
– coffee, tea, beverages
– hangers, organization supplies, storage
– first aid equipment, feminine supplies
– canvases, art n’ craft supplies
– picture frames, artwork
– bathroom or kitchen towels
– soaps, lotions, essential oils

Any questions??