Why I’ve decided to start wearing shorts!

I’ve decided to start wearing shorts again.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt confident with bare legs. I’ve been comfortable in skin tight yoga pants, but shorts!?

Not me. No.

I told myself that I didn’t have “nice legs.”

Somehow I believed that my legs didn’t deserve fresh air & sunshine because they have dimples, bruises, scars, hair, veins, etc.

Wait. Seriously!?

When on vacation, I wore nothing but a bathing suit all the time. I found the less I wore, the more comfortable I felt in my skin. I realized, how can I learn to love all of myself if I’m always hiding the things I’m insecure about?

Sooooo . . . Upon my return I’ve started wearing nuthin’ but my sports bra & shorts on the hiking trail.

The first time I felt myself get nervous & embarrassed when approaching other hikers.

After a couple weeks, I’m no longer ashamed. Same thighs. Different mentality.


Because. . .

1. This is my body and I want to love it (as it is).

2. Life is too short for excuses.

3. I want my children to learn to love/respect themselves & I plan to be a good role model.