In addition to teaching public classes, Gigi works one-on-one with busy individuals who want to strengthen their mind-body connection in a more intimate setting.

Private yoga classes are specially designed to make your practice more customized and accessible. These sessions address your specific goals and desires including (but not limited to) the following:

- Relief from stress, tension and anxiety

- Improve core strength and balance

- Heal neck, back, knee or hip injuries

- Practice self-love and build confidence

One-on-One or Small Group sessions are available at Gigi’s boutique studio (near Santa Monica & Bundy).

Rates start at $100 per hour (1 – 4 students)

3 session minimum = $300 (8 week expiration)

11 sessions = $1000 (6 month expiration)

One-on-One or Couples sessions are available in the comfort of your home (within 10 miles of Santa Monica)

Rates start at $150 per hour

3 session minimum = $450 (8 week expiration)

8 sessions = $1000 (4 month expiration)

12 sessions = $1500 (6 month expiration)

Corporate Yoga can be offered to a group of Partners or Employees to improve focus, resiliency and alertness.

Availability is Limited.

Click HERE to apply.

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