Affirmations to Ease Anxiety During Pregnancy (VIDEO)


You have officially begun the amazing journey of motherhood. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, there’s one thing you can know for sure – to expect the unexpected. Women have literally been having babies since the beginning of time. Yet that doesn’t make it any less intimidating for first time mommies. Just like anything new, there are expectations, surprises, hopes, and fears, so I want to share a tool I successfully used to ease anxiety during my twin pregnancy.

Of course, pregnancy can be exciting and empowering, but let’s face it, sometimes the idea of growing a baby inside of you (and getting it out) can be downright scary too. Not only is your body changing, rapidly, but your life as you know it is also about to completely change too. There are some things in life you just have to experience to understand; and pregnancy is one of them.

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For me, I was surprised to learn that I got pregnant on my honeymoon. After my first doctors visit, I was absolutely shocked to find out that I was having twins. Most people asked me if I did IVF or if twins run in my family. The answers were no and no. It was just one of life’s hilarious plot twists. But having twins automatically classified my pregnancy as “high-risk,” and a lot of concerns I never expected came up. So naturally, my husband and I were excited, but to be honest, we were also a little overwhelmed.

Personally, I’ve been using positive affirmations and mantras to help quiet the anxious and nagging voice in my mind for years. I love using the Ganesh Mantra and other affirmations to elevate my consciousness. So it was only natural for me to use affirmations during my pregnancy. It actually felt even more powerful because not only was I affecting myself, but the two beings growing inside of me.

The process of picking my affirmation is pretty straightforward. If I found myself stressing about a particular topic, for instance, whether my children were going to be healthy or not, I took my concern and flipped it around into a positive statement.

For instance, “My babies are happy and healthy.” This statement is the positive opposite of my fear that something would be wrong with them or me.

Then, I got into a comfortable position, rested my hands on my belly, and silently repeated my affirmation with every breath.

Inhale: I am happy and healthy.
Exhale: My babies are happy and healthy.
This can work for most concerns. If I’m worrying about finances and wondering how I’m going to afford all the expenses that come from having two children at once, I might choose to use the affirmation:
Inhale: I am open to receive the abundance of the Universe.
Exhale: I know that all my needs are met.
Whatever affirmation you choose for yourself, repeat it until you believe it. Or at least until you feel tension melt from your body. The important thing is to become aware of your thoughts and notice when you’re sliding towards fear or negativity. Without judgment, pause, take a deep breath, and replace your fearful thoughts with your positive affirmation.

May your journey into motherhood be a blessed one.