Prenatal Yoga for Soon to Be Mamas

Connecting to your Self and the growing Soul(s) inside of you.


Prenatal Yoga Circle

12:30 – 1:45pm @ YogaWorks Santa Monica


2:15 – 3:25pm @ YogaWorks Santa Monica

Crawling Toddlers up to 3 years old
1426 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Phone: (310) 393 5150



2:15 – 3:15pm @ YogaWorks Santa Monica

Pre-walking infants 6+ weeks old
1426 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Phone: (310) 393 5150

Private Prenatal Yoga

Want some special attention!? You got it, mama!

Congratulations Mama!

You are embarking on the amazing journey of motherhood. Whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy, every body, every belly, and every baby is different. Grace, patience, and lots of self-love is necessary during the process.

Embrace the Change!

Yoga is a phenomenal low impact exercise suitable for any stage of your life. Especially when you’re expecting. Prenatal yoga is a beautiful way for an expecting mama to connect with her changing body and nurture the precious soul(s) growing inside of her.

Expect the Unexpected!

Now that I’ve experienced a twin pregnancy, I have a whole new perspective on the importance of the yoga practice and the power of meditation. I realize that a lot of life is out of our control but we can choose how we react to life’s surprises.

Prenatal Yoga Videos

For busy mamas on the go.

Pregnancy is exciting.

But let’s face it, pregnancy can be scary too. Participating in the Miracle of Life is an intense right of passage for a woman’s and yoga can help the process feel more manageable for these 3 main reasons:

1. BREATH: Learning how to move with your breath helps during pregnancy as well as labor and delivery.

2. BODY: Stretching can help with the aches of growing pains as well as improves circulation, supplying more oxygen to your baby.

3. MIND: Nurturing your Mind-Body relationship is essential to help you get through pregnancy and prepare for the labor and motherhood.

Practicing Self Love

Prenatal Body Image

Body Positivity is especially crucial during pregnancy. Your body is quickly changing in ways you never could have imagined and sometimes you don’t always feel fabulous. Practicing yoga helps you learn how to move, and breathe, with compassion and consciousness throughout the evolution.

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My Birth Story

As my twins approach a year an a half, I decided to return to BIRTHFIT and their Postpartum program to build strength and community. On day 1, coach Embo gave us the assignment to write our birth story, which I had always wanted to do, but never got done. I had shared the story verbally on the BIRTHFIT podcast, but I hadn’t taken the time to write it. So I was grateful for the assignment and here it is…

I was very intentional when I was picking my options for a wedding day. I chose weekends that were during a waxing moon (between the new and full moon) and no where close to my menstrual cycle. We eventually landed on August 22, 2015.

It was a beautiful morning wedding outdoors overlooking the ocean with a jazz brunch and dance party that followed. The next day we left for our Hawaiian honeymoon where we spent 10 days resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

After arriving home, we were in bliss. We both went back to work and things seemed relatively normal except my period never came. We were pregnant. Like, whoa. I had joked to friends that I wanted to get preggers on my honeymoon but I couldn’t believe that it actually happened. Just like that...