Mantra Tuesday (!?)

I normally send out this post on a Monday with a Mantra, which was: I deserve time to myself.

So I took a Monday morning hike instead of heading directly to the studio office. I thought it would be a good way to start my week after hosting a three day women’s leadership training.

After reaching the peak of the hike, I was feeling really good. I was boosted with endorphins, wearing my Strong As A Mother t-shirt, and started to jog.

I know I’m feeling good when I start to jog on a trail.

I was peaking with physical and emotional confidence.

I slowed around a corner and saw two women. One of whom said, “Excuse me. Can you help us?”

Of course I said YES!

Long story short, one woman had broken her ankle and needed help down the last mile of the trail.

Feeling strong and confident, I introduced myself and kicked into my CPR training mode. I reverted back to my wilderness leadership experience in Australia when I was a teen. I thought of the time a man fainted at a waterfall in Honduras. I remembered my emergency training and…

I became the leader.

I put her on my back, her friend carried all the bags, and we slowly walked down the Santa Monica Mountains together as three strong women helping each other.

We were passed by young men, older men, other women, until finally one woman who was leading 10 kids asked if we were ok. Granted, we could have asked for help if we needed it, and…

Of all the people we passed, it was another woman (leading children) who asked if we needed help.

(Take a moment to breathe with that.)

We assured her we were ok because we were. We finally made it to the road. Granted, I used up a bit more time (and energy) than I had expected, and that’s ok. So I didn’t get to writing the Monday Mantra yesterday. But that’s ok too. I got my time to myself AND I was also able to help someone else.

I guess it’s just what I needed after all.

Now today’s Tuesday Mantra is: I’m as strong as a Mother!

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