Loving this body up.

I’m so grateful for this strong and powerful body.

I haven’t always loved it as much as I do now, and when I look back on the times in my life when I was unnecessarily judgmental and self-critical, I feel like I lost out.

If there’s anything I’ve learned with age, it’s the importance of being grateful for what is, because everything always changes.

Now, I embrace my curves, ripples, dimples and ridges. I relish my freckles, scars and wrinkles. I’ve accepted that this is the only body I’ll ever get, so I’m gonna love it up!

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  1. Lisa Guse
    Lisa Guse says:

    I totally agree with you that we must embrace our bodies. I love seeing that a flat tight belly and and round soft belly can do a handstand. However, doesn’t it contradict the push of Yoga and inversions needing a strong core. Obviously, both have a strong core, and this proves, you do not need to be thin to be fit. Which I again I love, I was always more fit than my thin counterparts, but now that I have aged, and have an inflammatory disease, I appreciate yoga so much more. I also love not seeing the perfect body demonstrating asanas and making me feel like I was the odd man out. Thank you Thank You. I just now started my yoga Certification at 48, who knows if I’ll ever use it, but I wanted it since my 20s and had no way to achieve it while raising my three kids.

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