I’m Pregnant…with TWINS!

I’m really excited to officially announce that I’m pregnant… WITH TWINS!

I always knew that I wanted to be a mother, and that my husband would be an incredible father, so God decided to give us a boy AND a girl when we got home from our Honeymoon. How lucky are we???

I cannot express how surprised we were but now after 5 months of growing, growing, and growing…the reality and excitement has really sunk it.

Thank goodness for yoga!!!

Personally, I believe yoga is a phenomenal low impact exercise suitable for any stage of your life. Especially when you’re expecting. Prenatal yoga is a beautiful way for an expecting mama to connect with her changing body and nurture the precious soul(s) growing inside of her.

I’ve created a new Prenatal page and mailing list in case you want more information about having a healthy and fit pregnancy!