I’ve always appreciated the goddess Kali, because she is the holy trinity of a Mother, Lover AND Warrior. This always reminded me that life isn’t all or nothing. You can be sweet AND strong. You can be fierce AND friendly. You can be scared AND brave. You can be a lover AND a fighter.

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In this case, using the mantra: I AM A WARRIOR OF LIGHT helps us access the inner knowing that we are here for a reason. You and I are meant to shine.

So what’s stopping us?

We all have self-limiting beliefs or fears of failure that stop us from shining the light we have within. Now is the time to break the chains and cycles of negativity in order to let your light shine free. These are dark times in the world and life can be scary, so access your inner light and let it shine so brightly that you can see your path ahead clearly.

Be a leader and role model for everyone around you.

An Exercise:

Start in Warrior 2. On an inhale, straighten the front leg and bring your hands to Namaste prayer pose in front of your heart. On your exhale, bend the front knee and send light forward and backward with your palms. Inhale to collect energy in your heart center and exhale to spread that light from within.

For a different experience, try putting your back foot against a wall for a greater sense of stability in your foundation.