Curves on Fleek

I’ve always identified as curvy, but now that I have two babies growing in my belly, my curves are on fleek! In the past 7 months I’ve gained plenty of weight. My thighs are thicker, my bum is bigger, my chest is swollen, and I’ve got a beach ball sized midsection!

But rather than being embarrassed or ashamed of my weight gain, I’m loving every inch of myself because I know that in just a few months, my body will change – again!

So this past weekend I went to the beach and strutted my stuff in a bikini. I got some big smiles and winks, as if people were silently saying: “GO GIRL!”

It’s important to remember that the present is all we’ve got. It’s a waste of time to say to myself: “Oh, I’ll go to the beach and wear a bikini again after the babies arrive.”

There’s no better time than the present to cultivate confidence and practice self love!