Modern Sacred Circles

Why a circle?

I believe everyone deserves to be seen and heard.

Sitting in a circle allows everyone to be equal because there is no front nor back and no beginning nor end.

It allows each individual to be present, seen and heard without a distinct leader.

When we are in a circle, we get to support each other while feeling wholly supported.

Being in circle fosters community without hierarchy.

Modern Sacred Circle

Deck of Cards

$20 + Shipping

The Modern Sacred Circle format of hosting a circle involves asking three different questions.

The beautiful deck includes 36 question cards providing discussion topic inspiration for journal writing, dinner conversation, sacred circles, and more. Includes 12 of each type of question: warm up, main body, and commitments.

How to Play

1. Take a few deep breaths.

2. Pull a card from each section.

3. Ask yourself or a friend the questions.

4. Actively listen without interruption or judgment.

5. Take turns answering the questions


The Podcast

As a way to share this Modern Sacred Circle format with more women, and to connect my online community with my real life community, I created a limited edition podcast called the Modern Sacred Circle podcast. It was designed to provide listeners with the tools, resources, and confidence to host circles of their own.

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Episode 1 – Opportunity – Mary Haberski & Raffi Dobles

Episode 2 – Nourishment – Johanna Watts & Emma D’Alessandro

Episode 3 – Change – Laura Greenberg & Hailey Biscow

Episode 4 – Creativity – Nicole Poveromo & Nicole Tourtelot

Episode 5 – Relationship – Gwen Dittmar & Keya Nkonoki

Episode 6 – Support – Lisel Lewis & Priya Campbell

Episode 7 – Strength – Lindsey Mathews & Emily Russak


Episode 8 – Sacred Space – Beth Prandini & Mary Haberski

Episode 9 – Goddess Archetypes – Gina Meyers & Brittany Hatcher

Episode 10 – Communication – Glitter Glam & Marti Nikko (ft. DJ Drez)

Episode 11 – Accountability – Briana Anderson

Episode 12 – Building Community – Angie Rutan

Episode 13 – Body Positivity – Char Chapin

Episode 14 – Daily Practice – Tonya Graham

Episode 15 – Authenticity – Felicia Burkley


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