No Zen Master Here. #notperfect

Just for the record, I am not perfect. My life is not perfect…

..and what does that mean anyway?!

This social media world definitely makes it easier to perceive peoples lives to be “perfect” because we share mostly the prettiest pictures with positive vibes, but I just want to set the record straight: My life & I are not perfect.

Just in case any of you were wondering.

For instance, a couple mornings ago I was crouched in a fetal position in my kitchen, crying (sobbing), hiding from my twins while my husband did the morning routine. I even stayed in that position to drink some coffee because

I just needed a f-ing break.

Or how about the nights when I flop face first onto my bed with sheer exhaustion the moment my kids go to sleep at 7pm!? Even though I still have things to do. Or mornings, like today, when I get up at 4am to console a crying baby & then try to go back to sleep but I can’t because I’m totally overwhelmed with anxiety, so I just get up!?

See, not perfect.

Sometimes I regret my life choices & think waaaaay too much about what life would be like if I had done things differently. Sometimes I feel like I will never fulfill my potential. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner. Sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in, the city of angels…wait, that’s Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lyrics.

Anyway, you get the point.

Even though I post pretty pictures, positive mantras & share my successes, don’t be fooled. I struggle too. We all do. Life can be messy at times but that’s just life, right?!



Is your life messy? Comment below!

WCW Coach Gwen Dittmar

My Woman Crush Wednesday is Gwen Dittmar who is a coach and healer who helps professional women find balance, purpose and peace while amplifying their edge, success and income.

Gwen’s clients have built thriving businesses, changed careers, added streams of income to existing businesses, doubled and tripled their income while paying off debt, bought homes, called in loving relationships, marriages and children, as well as revamped dead marriages, healed strained relations with loved ones, grieved the deaths of family and friends, forgave the unthinkable, accepted and fell in love with themselves for the first time in their lives, created breathing room, reclaimed their power and optimal energy, made time for self care, instituted boundaries and climbed mountains – literally Mount Kilimanjaro – in less than several months of training.

I’m also honored to host her Breath Work classes at my studio. Her next one is 8pm on Friday June 16th and I’ve been looking forward to it since I took her class last month. I think you’ll love her too!

What is your mission?

To heal, learn and grow as much as I can in this lifetime in order to serve others and uplift humanity.

How are you courageous?

Leaning into discomfort, discarding what no longer serves me and being disciplined to rise to the next level. Finding comfort in discomfort has allowed me to experience physical, emotional and spiritual break throughs beyond my wildest dreams.

Why do you teach Breath Work?

Breath Work is one of the most powerful tools I have discovered in the past 20 years of my spiritual journey. I have experienced my soul’s journey through many lifetimes, a deeper understanding of who I am and my purpose, and connected with a love beyond my conscious understanding.

How do you hope to serve your clients?

My intention for serving clients is for them to listen and honor their intuition and wisdom, to know, accept and love who they are, and to answer the question what is my purpose and how to experience it on a daily basis.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

What an awesome question! I see myself coaching, healing and teaching out of an office near the ocean, writing from my home oasis, and traveling and savoring this beautiful family that I’ve co-created with my husband, friends and extended family.
For more info about Gwen, visit her website: