The Audacity to be a Yogi.

Celebrating courageous women who love yoga.

In 2014, Gigi created a blog called YOGAudacious to celebrate the stories of courageous women (one each week) to help diversify the faces, bodies and stories of yoga in media.

By sharing the different stories of women who benefit from yoga, we hope to create new body positive role models who inspire others.

Quotes from some of our YOGAudacious participants:

“My yoga practice keeps me humble. Just when I think I have a pose (or life) figured out, my practice reminds me to never cease being curious.” – Chelsea Jackson

“Through time and practice, I learned self love, compassion, and relaxation. I learned to have a deep understanding and healthy communication with my body. ” – Mary Haberski

“There is no better measure of strength to me than seeing someone support their body, especially a curvy one. For me, seeing a strong thigh hold up someone in a warrior, or long, fluid muscles in a split is awe-inspiring.” – Pamela Scruggs

“I still actively remind myself to not compare, judge, or criticize my yoga body… To me, a yoga body is any body that steps onto a yoga mat, open to a new experience and connection to their mind, body, and spirit.” – Emily O’Brien

If you, or a woman you know, would be interested in sharing her story, click >HERE< to fill out our survey.