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Baby & Me Yoga Sequence

Song & Movement Itsy Bitsy Spider – Comfy Seat / Baddha Konasana Wheels on the bus – Comfortable Seating Head Shoulders Knees and Toes – Wide Legs ABC – Hip Circles   Flow Hands Knees  Cat / Cow Child’s Pose Down Down  Sun Birds Side Planks Planks  Dynamic Cobra Opposite Extension – Salabhasana Uttanasana Fold […]


To listen to this blog post on my podcast, click here! Recently, my children’s school was canceled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Even though my kiddos only go to preschool for about 3 hours a day, I will never take those 3 consecutive hours of free time for granted ever again. Now that my twins […]

How to Turn a Hard Week Around

It was just a week ago that we heard the tragic news about the death of Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter, Gigi, and 7 other individuals. I know we might be done with this topic but I will say this… Becoming a Mother has multiplied my sensitivity and empathy by a million.  In […]

Note to Self: I am Blessed

I’m really not trying to be dramatic, but this has been a challenging year. I literally started 2019 with my head in a bucket – so sick that I was in and out of the ER without any relief. It turns out, many of my symptoms including severe nausea, headaches, and chronic back pain could […]


I woke up this morning to the sound of loud knocking.  In my sleepy state of mind I thought it was our son trying to tell us he needed to wake up and go pee. But we quickly realized the surprising reality that it was actually someone at our front door. Nearly pitch black, with […]

Our Little Library

As a multi-racial family, my husband and I work hard to provide our children with diverse images in their literature and media. Here are some of our favorites: I Am Enough Hair Like Mine Skin Like Mine I, Too, Am America Mixed Me I Like Myself One Family I Love My Hair A is for […]

No Zen Master Here. #notperfect

Just for the record, I am not perfect. My life is not perfect… ..and what does that mean anyway?! This social media world definitely makes it easier to perceive peoples lives to be “perfect” because we share mostly the prettiest pictures with positive vibes, but I just want to set the record straight: My life […]

My Birth Story

As my twins approach a year an a half, I decided to return to BIRTHFIT and their Postpartum program to build strength and community. On day 1, coach Embo gave us the assignment to write our birth story, which I had always wanted to do, but never got done. I had shared the story verbally […]